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All photos in the gallery are unprocessed (unedited), straight out of the camera, thus not of the highest quality possible. All unprocessed (unedited) photos are available free for download so you can take and and have the file printed at no charge from me. To download an image 1. click on the thumbnail 2. Once the larger image appears right click on the image. 3. click on "download". The first image in the gallery shows an example of an unedited v.s. edited photo. If you would like to get a high quality print, email me (chris@photobychris.com) with the photo number (s) and the number of copies of each number you would like. The cost is as follows 4x6- $5.00 each, 5x7 - $7.00 each and 8 X 10 - $12.00 each. Larger sizes available upon request.
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